New Construction Building-Envelope Consulting


Aqua-Coast works closely with our architectural & design partners from inception to completion of a building envelope project.

From the initial plan review of the building envelope stage till final completion, our goal is to ensure that the building-envelope details & materials will prevail in the climate of Western Canada.

The correct on-site implementation of building-envelope details is critical. Aqua-Coast's team of field consultants have many years of site-supervisory & project management experience in the construction industry of Vancouver Western Canada, and work closely with your construction team, site-supervisors & tradesmen in all stages of the building project.

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Design, Construction Document & Plan Reviews

Our goal is to ensure our clients have practical & efficient site-specific solutions. During the plan review process we will review architectural details & product specifications, and provide additional details that will help to ensure optimal integration of cladding assemblies for the building envelope construction project.

Our plan review will take into account:


The Aqua-Coast team works closely with construction material suppliers to ensure that materials used for your project meet the highest of standards.

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Construction Field Reviews

At Aqua-Coast we pride ourselves on providing on-site assistance to contractors & trades when it is requested. Our field consultants will periodically attend your building project as required, to ensure the implementation of all assemblies conforms with architectural drawings, the BC Building Code and construction best-practice standards in Vancouver and BC.

Our field consultants will attend an initial site-meeting and provide your construction team with a copy of the Plan Review, and a complete set of Aqua-Coast Building Envelope Details that pertain to that project. At this point they will also provide your team with a list of Aqua-Coast contact details, which will be required when applying for Issuance of Schedules for occupancy, and for regarding maintenance reviews & depreciation reports.

Our regular site visits will cover work in progress & work completed, consult with site-supervisors & trades, and provide a Field Inspection Report for each inspection. This report will include photographs & comments of the inspection for that building, phase or project. This will be emailed to all parties on the distribution list.

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Window & Water Penetration Testing

When water penetration issues exist, windows are often one of the main sources. Windows provide the greatest number and largest surface area of penetrations & intersections of the exterior cladding surface, and have been a common source of moisture ingress in buildings in British Columbia.

Our consultants will perform window tests in random locations & be able to provide feedback to ensure that any material sequencing and/or window failures are remedied in a timely fashion.

The window tests are conducted according to CAN/CGSB A440-00 & ASTM E1150 Standards for water ingress.

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Maintenance Manuals & Annual Inspections

At Aqua-Coast we take pride in providing building envelope & engineering solutions to the projects we help to create, which is why we provide an additional maintenance manual & annual inspection service to our new construction and restoration clients to ensure the materials & assemblies are performing as intended.

Our hands-on experience during the building construction phase allows us to provide accurate analysis & recommendations regarding the cladding systems for your project that will assist in annual building maintenance & warranty requirements.

An Aqua-Coast annual inspection protocol will provide strata representitives, property managers and owners with a professional review of the building's cladding systems. This will include:


A building renovation maintenance manual prepared by aqua-coast is an extensive document that provides building owners and property managers with detailed information regarding the buildings exterior cladding systems. This will include:


A new construction supplementary maintenance manual can be provided to owners and property managers at time of building completion, to assist in the overall maintenance & repair of exterior cladding materials for the life of the project. This manual will include:


If you have any questions, or would like to request a quote for your building(s), please contact aqua-coast at or 604-946-9910.

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