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Building Restoration Consulting & Project Management


The decision to remediate an existing building can be a lengthy and often exhausting process for building Owners and Property Managers. At Aqua-Coast Engineering our goal is to provide a professional and independent Building Envelope Assessment Report of the existing buildings, and to provide owners with a progressive, sustainable and cost-effective remediation solution. Aqua-Coast provides Building Renovation Consulting & Project Management to building Owners in Vancouver, Vancouver island, Interior British Columbia and Alberta.

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Building Envelope Assessment Report

The Building Envelope Assessment Report is the first step in any remediation and is performed for the Strata Council and/or building Owners. The report will provide a professional Engineering review of the existing cladding materials and design details, which typically take 3 to 4 weeks.

The assessment phase will include:

The final Building Envelope Assessment Report as provided to Owners will provide a comprehensive review of the current state of the cladding materials & building components, as well as recommendations for repair, renovation and/or remediation.

This report will include:

Aqua-Coast also provides a Second Opinion Report on previously completed Building Envelope Assessment Reports from other Engineering firms, which may provide alternative remediation solutions complete with an alternative remediation budget.

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Planning & Design

Once the decision to renovate an existing building is made, we will attend a project planning meeting where we set out "milestones" for the course of the project, and assign tasks to our team.

At this stage Aqua-Coast's team of architects & design professionals will compile a comprehensive 'Scope of Work' package for the building renovation process. Aqua-Coast has a vast library of specifications and AutoCad details, and after consultation with building owners regarding cladding & phasing options, Aqua-Coast will create job-specific building envelope details & specifications prior to taking the project out to tender.

Our Project Manager will co-ordinate the progress of completion of each milestone in the building renovation to ensure tasks are completed in the time-line.

The planning & design phase will include:

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Construction Documents & Project Tendering

With the Design phase complete, Aqua-Coast will prepare Construction Documents and take the remediation project out to tender. This will include:

With many projects out in the field at any given time, Aqua-Coast is continually working with the most respected remediation General Contractors in Vancouver and Western Canada. When it is time for the restoration project to go out to tender, we will consult our list of approved contractors who in past restoration projects have:

When the tender is closed and the contractor bid results are analysed, Aqua-Coast will consult with the Owners to analyse the bid results and award the renovation contract.

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Project Management & Contract Administration

After the Award of Contract, our Project Co-ordinator will issue the CCDC2, apply for a building permit, and continue to prepare for project start-up.

The project management role of a remediation project involves the following:

The Aqua-Coast field review team's role involves the following:

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Project Closeout

Upon project completion Aqua-Coast will typically prepare a comprehensive Maintenance Manual for the owners. This will consist of labour & material warranties, contractor & supplier details, and an Aqua-Coast maintenance schedule. As an additional service Aqua-Coast also provides Annual Building Envelope inspections to assist owners with seasonal & annual maintenance to help prevent premature deterioration of materials.

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